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This is a neon pink sign that says "Desktop - Reef."

W E L C O M E 

My name is Tucker Quinlan

I’m a current Medical and Master of Public Health Student at Boston University School of Medicine. However, you may better know me on TikTok as Desktop_Reef, where I document my experience owning and caring for the livestock contained within my Innovative Marine 15 Gallon Desktop Reef.

My mission is to provide new aquarists with the knowledge, tools and confidence to construct a nano-reef ecosystem strikingly similar to the one I display on social media. 

I'm always happy to answer reef-related questions and can be reached through TikTok direct messenger or via email at

This is a saltwater fish tank that contains saltwater fish, saltwater corals, sand, rock, and saltwater shrimp. It is lit with an AI Prime16HD. There are torch corals, mushroom corals, zoanthid corals and goniopora corals. There are several snails, hermit crabs and conches inside. The fish include: angelfish, pipefish, two spot hogfish, royal gramma, swissguard basslet, target manderin.
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